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The Palestinian Revolution and the Struggle Against Zionism

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Israel is a reactionary European settler state based solidly on the ideology of Jewish chauvinism and the practice of the systematic oppression of the Palestinians, defended by US imperialism to strengthen its foothold in the Middle East.

The central political drive of Zionism has always been the establishment, consolidation and expansion of a racialized Jewish settler state carved out of the Arab nation and requiring the obliteration of a particular Arab people, the Palestinians, whose homeland was seized in order to realize Zionist ambitions. In pursuit of this objective, Zionism has forged an alliance with world imperialism, particularly US imperialism, from which it derives enormous diplomatic and military resources and ultimate military protection and to whom it renders political and military services in the region. An Israel without imperialist backing is impossible.

“The Palestinian Revolution and the Struggle Against Zionism,” Line or March, March/April 1983

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June 16, 2013 at 4:27 pm

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