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Why Hezbollah backs Syria

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In a May 25, 2013 speech, Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah’s explains why the Lebanese resistance organization is backing the Syrian government.

1. Takfiris (Muslims who accuse other Muslims of apostasy) dominate the ranks of the rebels. If they prevail, “the future of Syria and Lebanon and the region will be a very difficult and dark one.”

2. “Syria is no longer an arena for popular revolution against a political system, but an arena for the imposition of a political project led by America and the West and its regional tools.”

3. “Syria is the backbone of the resistance (to Israel) and a support for the resistance and the resistance cannot sit idly by while its back is being broken. …If Syria falls into the hands of America, Israel, the takfiris, and all of America’s tools in the region, the resistance will find itself under siege, and Israel will invade Lebanon, in order to impose its terms on the Lebanese people, and in order to revive its aspirations and schemes. Then, Lebanon would return to yet another Israeli era. If Syria falls then Palestine is lost and the resistance in Palestine is lost, Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem will be lost.”

Translation by Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, http://resistance-episteme.tumblr.com/post/51507090897/my-translation-of-excerpts-from-nasrallahs-may-25

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May 28, 2013 at 11:53 pm

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